About Rx Jump Ropes

Rx Jump Ropes started out as a simple quest to build a jump rope prescribed for CrossFitters. This meant a rope that was fast, functional and durable.  When I started CrossFitting in early 2008 I couldn’t do a double under to save my life.  I was pretty decent at jump rope and had reasonable coordination but was horribly inconsistent at double unders.  I purchased just about every jump rope on the market and found them to be too light, too flexible or too cheaply made.  So, I started to pick apart the graveyard of jump ropes I had purchased and began addressing the deficiencies in each one and experimented with different swivel assemblies.  After dozens of prototypes and thousands of double unders I figured out few important things.

First, one size does not fit in all in the world of jump ropes.  Having a jump rope that is properly fitted to your body and jumping mechanics makes all the difference in the world. Every Rx Jump Rope is custom made when ordered by the athlete.

Second, going lighter is not ideal for most people. Everybody has a different level of coordination, dexterity and articulation. Most people respond better to a slightly heavier jump rope.  Rx Jump Ropes carries 5 different cable sizes to meet various work capacities and coordination levels.

Third, the key to consistency is eliminating as many variables as possible.  Most jump rope cords made out of rubber, pvc or braided rope have too much flex and stretch.  Rx Jump Ropes are made with coated aircraft cable that gives consistent feedback turn after turn.

Our jump ropes may not be the fastest in the world though we haven’t found anybody who could out jump one.  Our jump ropes may not be the flashiest, though they look pretty darn tough.  What they are for sure is fast, functional and durable.  In a word, “smart”.  And best of all every single Rx Jump Rope is made in the U.S.A.

Our promise to you is that we will continually strive to improve and perfect our jump ropes.  We will always put the CrossFitter’s needs at the forefront of our mission and we will Never Scale Quality.


David Newman

Founder of Rx Smart Gear
Creator of Rx Jump Ropes
CrossFIt Level 1 Certified
CrossFit Kids Certified
CrossFit Gymnastics Certified 

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